So Touching! You Have To See This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued, I’m Almost In Tears!




Dora was reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in Mckinney, TX.

Do you love your companion dog or your family pet dog? Are you concerned they might get lost and never be found. Well now there is a solution. Microchips. Yes, microchips may save your dog from ever wandering away and get lost. SO ask your Veterinarian about microchips for your dog your next visit.

Consider the case of Dora and her family from Frisco, Texas. On February 14, Dora was lost. The family looked far and wide for many weeks and months, but Dora was lost and never returned home. Then after about seven months, the company that had put in a microchip on Dora input the data and searched for her. The dog was located and turned in to a shelter where the happy family and came and took her home. The scene at the reunion was emotional and a tremendous relieve for both dog and owner. Thanks to the microchip, a dog was saved and reunited with it’s family.