Sad story : Hailey and her horse


On August 6, 2013 my mare had her foal . She was a thoroughbred belgian mix . The barn owner decided that she wanted to slowly merge my mare and her foal into the herd after only 3 days after she was born. We told her continuously that we didn’t want them to be with the other horses because she was too young and not strong enough yet. The barn owner didn’t listen to us. On August 14, 2013 the foal was stomped to death by three other horses. My mare and gelding did everything to try and save the foal but it was too late. After only 8 days of having the baby on earth .. She was taking from us infront of our eyes. She fought for her life as they rolled ger over .. Bite her and stomped her . She ran her little heart out and once she stopped .. She took her last breath. This all could have been avoided if tge bsrn owner would have listened to her boarders . This dramatic experience was due to human negligence . On October 26, 2013 my mare (the mother of the foal) passed away from colick . Having to watch both of your horses die infront of your eyes and not being able to help save them is heartbreaking. But now they are together in heaven. Rest in peace Lindor & Ember