Caitlin and her horse


Caitlin and Rannoch x Well I ride at an amazing riding school where I live and my favourite horse is there! When I started going up there I had offered to start helping out and I helped out whenever I can. I saw this dapple greyed Highland Pony. His name was Rannoch. I instantly fell in love with but I never knew he was a school pony!. I paid for a lesson and he was in the lesson with me. I was asked if I wanted to go half way on and excitedly I agree. When I first sat on him I thought we was wonderful. His big beautiful strong strides in trot blew me away. He was just starting to pick up Canter because he wasn’t so sure about it. So when ever I got a lesson I would get a lesson with him! Unfortunately he had became lame during summer so he was in box rest. I had came up every day to muck him out and talk to him and cuddle him. He is so funny. He pulls faces and gives you kisses if you ask for one. When he has an itchy spot I would itch it and his muzzle would move back and forth. Haha hes so handsome!After a year of hard work of helping him pick up on the things he found hard we had done it! He was a jumping super star and He now nails cantering! and he never once failed to put a smile on my face. We competed at competitions up at the stables and he has done so well! I currently ride him and hes progressing more and more. I couldn’t ask for a better pony. All the horses up at the stables are so sweet and caring but me and him have a bond! Even though hes not mine hes always going to be my champion. I just cant put into words how perfect he is to me!♥