There are two types of people when it snows: those who would rather stay indoors, snuggled up with some cocoa and a warm blanket, and those who can’t wait to get out and have some fun in the flakes! Animals are the same way, too. My mom’s dog refuses to go outside when the porch has even a drop of rain on it, so you can imagine how she feels about piles of wet snow in her path. I think she makes even this hilariously picky pup look downright delighted to see the powdered ground!

But for the most part, our fuzzy friends love rushing out to run around and dig their paws, hooves, and snouts into the fresh frost. It’s so funny to see the bigger animals enjoy the snow day just as much as a little dog would. Or even better, enjoying it with their own little dog buddy to keep them company! This handsome horse, however, is having a perfectly amazing time all on his own.